WIG Christmas Fair

RIP Chris Merritt

EFD and Bicycle distribution at Kampong Svay

Our amazing friends from Rotary Club of Bendigo South have again generously supported the RCPP efforts to help the poor and in need Cambodian people.

After 2 ½ days of preparation negotiating fair deals, then physically collecting, transporting and assembling individual packages, today, Sunday 21 August dawned. Thank goodness I was awake early and in the front yard, as my local Commune Leader, Om, arrived at 6am with 4 men and 2 tuk tuk trucks to transport the produce and bicycles to the delivery point. Honestly folks, it’s so hard to express the emotion of helping people who really have so little in their lives. When you see the gratitude on the faces, trembling hands and tears in ir eyes, then the open joy of the kids about to receive their first bicycle, and the pride clear on the faces on Commune Leaders, School head and teachers…we know we are making a difference. My deep gratitude to all who helped this happen. Thank you!

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Meeting with Singapore club’s

PP Michael Wright and P Don Rosenfeldt met with PP Jimmy Ooi, RC Singapore, and PP Brian Tan, Raffles City, to discuss a long shelved project for disadvantaged women and families north of Siem Reap. The meeting was very productive with a positive outcome being to complete a submission to Rotary International for a Global Grant to assist in training 12 Khmer women who will train village women to start a small community based business to help earn an income for their families. The project aims to train 300 Khmer women in how to start a small business and will provide start up funds and ongoing mentoring.

The RCPP looks forward to working with this project with our Singaporean Colleagues.

EFD at Preaek Kampœs Commune Hall

Rotary in Action . A great turnout of members from Rotary Club of Phnom Penh. 45 families got a good dose of love and food assistance. That’s 24 deliveries completed to date with this all.
Made possible through the amazing generosity of Rotary Clubs and private donors. Our thanks to you for enabling this community effort.

Anyone willing to help can donate at:
https://donations.rawcs.com.au/27-2020-21  or

More Pictures: www.facebook.com/rotaryclubofphnompenh

EFD Kampong Speu

The Rotary Club of Phnom Penh is off to a big start in ‪2022. Eight Team Members and 4 friends travelled north to Kampong Speu and delivered food parcels: each includes 25kg rice, 6 each soy and fish sauce, cans of fish, noodles and soy drinks along with mosquito nets and cash for fresh supplies. 40 families received this aid to help them through tough times of lack of income due to business and school closures because of Covid. Anyone willing to help can donate at:
We then moved onto a primary local school where we donated bicycles for kids who live too far away to walk to school.

Heartbreaking News

Heartbreaking news from friends in Cambodia after an explosion killed 3 members of the Cambodian Self Help Demining team earlier this week (Cambodian Self Help Demining – CSHD). Ma Simet, Mong Jok and Son Vong all leave behind wives and young children, the youngest of whom is just 8 months old. En Poy is the sole survivor of this dreadful accident, having narrowly survived something similar as a child. He is currently being treated in hospital. The deminers work tirelessly to make Cambodia safe from landmines and unexploded ordnance that was scattered throughout the countryside decades ago. Once the land is clear, schools are constructed so a new generation can thrive. This is the first accident to claim the lives of the deminers who work in highly trained and experienced teams. A fund has been set up to support the families of these courageous men through the link below to the Landmine Relief Fund. All donations through the month of January will go to the families. Please support if you can, even a little goes a long way.


Pictured left to right: En Poy, Mong Jok, Masi Met, Son Vong
Photo re-posted from Phil Parry/Bill Morse
To learn more about these heroes and their extraordinary work, check out the insightful film by Christopher Lockett titled Until They’re Gone. http://www.untiltheyregone.com/
Heartfelt condolences to Bill Morse, Aki Ra, Sophary Sophin and the special self-help demining community, on this absolutely devastating loss.
The U.S State Department estimates that 60 to 75 million landmines remain unexploded in the ground worldwide.

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EFD Kampong Speu

This morning 8 Rotarians and friends drove north of Phnom Penh again to the provincial border of Kandal and Kampong Speu. With the help of Dons brother and sister in law a group of very poor people affected by lack of income due to Covid work closures were assembled in a Village.
For the last club project for 2021 40 families were gifted with enough food to carry them through the next 2 weeks
That’s now 515 families or about 73,000 meals of food. 13 tonnes of rice and 10,000’s of soy and fish sauce, cans of fish, packets of noodles, soy drinks, $5,150 in cash for fresh food purchases plus mosquito nets and other goodies like home made banana and walnut bread/cake.
This all happens as a result of incredibly generous donations from Rotary Clubs and individuals in Australia, USA, Canada, NZ and UK. You know who you are…you give us the tools we need to help these people. Thank You from all of us but I know also from the hearts of those we all serve.
Help us with your donation.

EFD Kampong Cham

It’s actually emotional doing these deliveries of help to such needy communities. The reward is priceless. This is a community north of Kampong Cham, Prek Kak. My team members from Rotary Club of Phnom Penh brought help, happiness and hope to people who would otherwise be living on the edge. Actually being there with the folk we help, looking into their eyes, holding their hands…bring it on. And then the kids 😀. To see how happy to be given a bicycle so travelling 2 or more Kms to get to school.

EFD Kandal

A group from the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh today distributed food to Cambodians in a rural village in Kandal Province about an hour north of Phnom Penh. The delivery was part of our Emergency Food Distribution project aimed at helping those who have lost jobs or otherwise been adversely impacted by the economic consequences of COVID in Cambodia. Today’s delivery was supported by funds donated by the Rotary Club of Sarasota Bay, and we are deeply appreciative of RCSB’s continuing support of our activities here. Included today were delicious Home made banana and walnut cakes home prepared by our member Gerard and paid for by sponsors.
Rotary in Action.