Heartbreaking News

Heartbreaking news from friends in Cambodia after an explosion killed 3 members of the Cambodian Self Help Demining team earlier this week (Cambodian Self Help Demining – CSHD). Ma Simet, Mong Jok and Son Vong all leave behind wives and young children, the youngest of whom is just 8 months old. En Poy is the sole survivor of this dreadful accident, having narrowly survived something similar as a child. He is currently being treated in hospital. The deminers work tirelessly to make Cambodia safe from landmines and unexploded ordnance that was scattered throughout the countryside decades ago. Once the land is clear, schools are constructed so a new generation can thrive. This is the first accident to claim the lives of the deminers who work in highly trained and experienced teams. A fund has been set up to support the families of these courageous men through the link below to the Landmine Relief Fund. All donations through the month of January will go to the families. Please support if you can, even a little goes a long way.


Pictured left to right: En Poy, Mong Jok, Masi Met, Son Vong
Photo re-posted from Phil Parry/Bill Morse
To learn more about these heroes and their extraordinary work, check out the insightful film by Christopher Lockett titled Until They’re Gone. http://www.untiltheyregone.com/
Heartfelt condolences to Bill Morse, Aki Ra, Sophary Sophin and the special self-help demining community, on this absolutely devastating loss.
The U.S State Department estimates that 60 to 75 million landmines remain unexploded in the ground worldwide.

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