Global Grant Programs

of the Rotary Club of Phom Penh

In addition to the following RCPP-managed projects, the club supports several Global Grants in such areas as teacher training, malaria research, latrines and wells, and sustainable community Development; The Global grant program supports large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in Rotary’s areas of focus.

  • global

  • Grant sponsors form international partnerships that respond to real community needs. Global grants must be sustainable. This means the project must have plans for long-term success after the global grant funds have been spent.

    – Have measurable goals
    – Align with one of our areas of focus
    – Respond to real community needs
    – Actively involve Rotarians and community members
    – Meet the eligibility requirements

  • Global Grants the PPRC overseas
    1. Wells Projects
    2. Bosalla Village
    3. Mosquito Mobile Insectarium
    4. Wome’s Cancer Screening
    5. Hydroponics
    6. Teachers Training In Phnom Penh
    7. Education Project Battambang

    Proposed Global Grant Projects
    – School Reconstruction
    – Mobile Clinic – Takeo

Grant ID Program Year Project Description IS Club Name IS District IS Country Current Status Total Funding
GG2098823 2020 The “clinic-boat” of the ”Pour les Yeux du Monde“ association aims at treating ocular diseases, in Cambodia since 2007, 8 to 10 missions per year, of 10 days each. Montpellier Étang de l’Or 1700 France Approved $91.497,00
GG1873688 2019 To help provide Referral Hospital Sithor Kandal in Prey Veng Cambodia, with medical equipment for the new pediatric ward Solingen 1810 Germany Approved $37.000,00
GG1978881 2019 To help provide heart surgery for children in Cambodia Suwon-Nosong 3750 Korea, Republic of Approved $33.300,00
GG1985054 2019 To help provide Happy Dental Clinic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with new dental equipment to support the provision of dental care for children Freshwater Bay 9455 Australia Approved $35.935,00
GG1759085 2018 To provide approximately 8 corrective heart surgeries and follow up care to children 15 and under from Cambodia at Hebron Medical Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Suwon-Nosong 3750 Korea, Republic of Closed $33.570,00
GG1861537 2018 To provide teacher training courses in Svay Rieng and Kampong Thom Cambodia to improve teachers’ teaching skill and ability Tokyo Shibuya 2750 Japan Approved $67.000,00
GG1643056 2017 To help send a VTT to train teachers in three regions of Cambodia 9800 Australia Approved $56.940,00
GG1744957 2017 To help send a VTT of educational advisers to four teacher training centers (TTC) in Cambodia. Training will aim to help improve the skills, teaching quality, and leadership potential of teachers attending the TTC. Tokyo-Setagaya 2750 Japan Closed $90.000,00
GG1745092 2017 To help provide sustainable sources of clean water and to develop on-going good hygiene and sanitation practices in targeted schools and communities in VealVeng Disrict, Pursat Province, Cambodia 9780 Australia Closed $58.489,00
GG1531984 2016 to provide educational training and support to at-risk Cambodian youth in Battambong, Cambodia. Nyon 1990 Switzerland Approved $49.900,00
GG1533042 2016 Training for 125 elementary school teachers on curriculum building, teaching techniques, and classroom management in Phnom Penh, Cambodia . Will also help to provide education equipment to teachers to use in classroom. Tokyo-Setagaya 2750 Japan Closed $54.640,00
GG1420473 2015 To provide Taskor village Cambodia with hydroponic farming training and equipment and also provide dry toilets Sarrebourg 1790 France Closed $55.831,00
GG1523934 2015 To research mosquitoes that are resistant to malarial medication, collect data, treat patients, and train entomological field workers. Versailles 1660 France Closed $100.000,00
GG1526565 2015 to provide a vocational training team of medical staff from Cambodia to receive training on breast cancer screening methods in Hiroshima, Japan Phnom Penh 3350 Cambodia Closed $37.500,00
GG1411567 2014 to provide a system of screening and examination for breast cancer in Kampot, Cambodia. Hiroshima South 2710 Japan Closed $37.500,00
GG1417742 2014 To improve the leadership potential of the science and mathematics teacher of The Provincial Teacher Training Center through 2 advisers in Cambodia. Tokyo Shibuya 2750 Japan Closed $54.260,00
GG1418618 2014 To provide furniture and computers for a school, water storage facilities, toilets, and solar powered lighting for 800 people in Bosalla and Kroa Boa, Cambodia. Melbourne South 9800 Australia Closed $125.716,00
MG1377799 2013 to help provide consumable items and daily necessities to girls at Pleroma Home for Girls in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Taipei 3481 Taiwan Closed $24.972,00
MG1378102 2013 to help provide wells and latrines for the poor families of Dong An Tiac, Da Liak Ja and Da Liak Khmai in Kampong Thom, Cambodia New Philadelphia 6650 United States Closed $19.545,00
MG1378471 2013 to help provide construction of wells in 28 villages of 12 provinces in Cambodia Taipei 3481 Taiwan Closed $24.800,00
MG1275826 2012 to help provide educational equipment for science and mathematics classes at the Regional Teacher Training Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tokyo-South 2750 Japan Closed $20.952,00
MG1173629 2011 to help provide shipping of two 40 foot containers filled with donated surgical equipment to hospitals and clinics in Kampong Trabek, Cambodia Mâcon-Saint-Vincent 1750 France Closed $14.055,00
MG1173664 2011 to help provide a bus for the One-2-One Charitable Trust dental clinic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Freshwater Bay 9455 Australia Closed $49.000,00
MG1173851 2011 to help provide water wells for the community in Preah Puth District, Kandal Province, Cambodia Bourgoin-Isle d’Abeau, Dauphiné-Nord 1780 France Closed $21.700,00
MG1174215 2011 to help provide an automated hematology analyzer, ultrasonic wave image analyzer, solar panels, charge controller and batteries for Graphis Health Center in Kompong Som Province, Kompong Seila District, Cambodia Osaka-South 2660 Japan Closed $33.664,00
MG1174249 2011 to help provide math and science educational equipment to the Regional Teacher Training Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tokyo-Setagaya 2750 Japan Closed $18.563,00
MG1072226 2010 to help provide 10 computers, one server, and related equipment to the Sunrise Childrens Village in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Waimate 9980 New Zealand Closed $11.885,00
MG1072269 2010 to help provide medical equipment and furniture to the Graphis Health Center in Kompong Seila District, Cambodia Higashi-Osaka East 2660 Japan Closed $42.829,00
VS0968207 2009 to help provide direct service in teaching job skills to young adult girls in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Seattle 5030 United States Closed $3.000,00
MG0658444 2006 to help provide dental equipment, medical supplies, and office furnishings for the Cambodia World Family dentistry program for orphans and needy children in Cambodia Summit County (Frisco) 5450 United States Closed $16.000,00
IG0554840 2005 to provide project consultation services to the Cambodia World Family project for women and orphans and to plan future matching grant projects in Takhmau, Cambodia Crested Butte 5470 United States Closed $6.000,00
MG0554059 2005 to help provide food and income for orphans by establishing a fruit orchard and landscaping for the Sunrise Children’s Home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Glen Waverley 9810 Australia Closed $2.330,00
T30411101 2004 University Teacher – 3-5 month Daejeon-Jeil 3680 Korea, Republic of Closed $12.500,00
MG9908045 1999 to help provide supplies and equipment needed to produce and fit quality prosthetic limbs for amputees in Cambodia Bangkok South 3350 Thailand Closed $50.000,00
VO9901330 1999 Vocational Scholars Phnom Penh 3350 Cambodia Closed $15.000,00
MG9808062 1998 To help provide 2 hospitals in Cambodia with screening and operating equipment for cataract operations 3480 Closed $40.000,00
MG9808244 1998 To help provide intraocular lenses and other medical supplies to support eye camps conducted by volunteers in Cambodia Singapore 3310 Singapore Closed $20.546,00
MG9605786 1996 To help provide 400 treadle water pumps to 30 needy villages in Kampot and Takeo, Cambodia 3310 Singapore Closed $18.292,00
MG9605797 1996 To help provide vegetable seeds, primary eye care literature, a mobile clinic vehicle and teaching microscope to Phenom Penh and Takeo District, Cambodia 3310 Singapore Closed $30.000,00
MG9605922 1996 To help provide capital for a revolving loan program to 300 rural families around Phnom Penh, Cambodia Singapore 3310 Singapore Closed $8.000,00
MG9605923 1996 To help provide nutritional and medical supplements to 30 malnourished children 0-5 years old for one year in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Singapore 3310 Singapore Closed $6.240,00
MG9606040 1996 To help provide dental equipment to a hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia L’Aigle 1640 France Closed $25.582,00