of the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh

  • Books for Children

    Our newest project involves providing books for classroom libraries, aiming particularly at the 5-to-10 year old age group. Donate now!

  • Learning Cycle Project

    A small change like this can mean a world of difference to a family struggling to survive, and give Cambodian children a helping hand to complete their studies. Donate now!

  • Emergency Relief

    The unexpected happens every day in Cambodia; floods, a fire that burnt down an entire block of building leaving Khmer people out in the rain.

  • Wheelchairs for Kids

    Without mobility a disabled child stays at home, lying around on the floor. They can’t attend school, go to parties, and social gathering that normal children take for granted.

  • Mosquito-Net Misson

    Malaria and dengue fever are prevalent in many parts of Cambodia, and the distribution of mosquito nets can prevent disease and save lives.

  • Outreach MEC

    MEC (meningoencephalocele) is rare a birth defect found in remote villages in Cambodia. At birth the skull fails to close which causes the child’s brain to herniate through the opening near the bridge of the nose. Donate now!