Covid 19 Food Distribution

Working with Commune Leaders

  • COVID-19 has affected pretty much every country in the world. Countries have cared for their citizens in various ways. In Cambodia the resources are not on a scale of more developed countries leaving the vast majority of affected citizens that, even in good times, live at subsistence level. After 5 months of little or no work millions of people associated to the tourism and garment industries are really struggling. In short, these people need support. In consultation with the community they have provided a list of the basic necessities to survive. We are now rolling out $30 per family packages to aid the in need families in areas outside of Phnom Penh. Working with Commune Leaders we are able to identify most affected people.

    Food Package Contents
    The contents list for the package includes:
    – 25 kg rice
    – 6 bottles fish sauce
    – 6 bottles soy sauce
    – 12 cans food
    – 12 packets noodles
    – Canned drinks
    – $10 cash – this to be used for to buy fresh meat and vegetables
    – Sanitary Kit – soap, masks Alcohol spray

    The package is likely to last a family of 2 Adults and 2 children about 2 weeks. In order that we do not become the sole source of food supplies the proposal is to distribute to the same families at 1 month intervals. This will encourage recipients to obtain food outside the project. By donating the basic ingredients for meals recipients can regularly make fresh meals for their families. Nothing is likely to be wasted.
    All food will be sourced from the local markets thereby ensuring the money stays in the village.

    Lifespan of the Project
    Like so many pandemic related issues currently affecting the world, this project has no predictable end point. It could be 1 year or more and can only be defined as we become aware of changes to the Covid-19 conditions.

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